OIG Rule 50, section 50.30f, Post Training Test

OIG Rule 50, section 50.30f, Post Training Test

(ex: 107884)

Please answer the following questions by selecting the best answer from the drop-down menus.

  1. In what cases of abuse/neglect should the agency/facility designated employees carry out the preliminary functions of the investigation?

  2. When should agency/facility personnel cease conducting the preliminary investigative steps?

  3. Who makes the determination as to whether the accused employee is removed from contact with the individuals at the agency/facility?

  4. What is always "Job 1" when conducting the preliminary steps of the investigation?

  5. What is credible evidence?

  6. When should you secure a scene?

  7. Which are considered steps to securing a scene?

  8. True or false: An interview should be conducted by 50.30(f) designees as soon as possible after an incident of possible abuse or neglect happens.

  9. What is the first thing you should do when collecting a piece of evidence?

  10. What type of container should you put the evidence in?

  11. What is the Chain of Custody?

  12. How should you pick up the evidence to be collected?

  13. What type of camera is preferred for investigative photos?

  14. What is an identifying photo?

  15. Do you need permission from the subject or guardian before taking a photo of them?

  16. What can you use as a size reference in a photograph?

  17. Per Rule 50, who can you contact for information about entities that provide victim services?

  18. True or False: You must do a full diagram of the scene in every case involving abuse.

  19. True or False: An agency or facility can elect to opt out of the 50.30(f) requirements to conduct the preliminary steps of the investigation?

  20. If faced with an allegation of a sexual abuse which may have involved the exchange of bodily fluids, you should: