Reimagine Public Safety Act Grant Reviewer Interest Survey

The Illinois Department of Human Services is committed to building a diverse team of volunteer grant reviewers to ensure a reflective, robust, and comprehensive merit-based review process. Your participation as a reviewer will directly impact the success of our efforts to support and implement the Reimagine Public Safety Act throughout the State. If you'd like to play a key role in decisions that empower and support people throughout Illinois, please complete the IDHS RSPA Grant Reviewer Interest Survey below:

Section I - Contact Information

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Section II - Professional Experience

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Area(s) in which you have work or lived experiences and expertise (check all that apply):

Section III - Demographics (Voluntary)

(It is important to us that we include a wide range of diverse perspectives among the group of people who will review these applications. Please answer the questions below to help us select volunteers from a variety of backgrounds and lived experiences.)

Race (check all that apply):

Section IV - Availability