GATA Pre-Qualification Verification Form

To apply for state funding, organizations must be GATA pre-qualified. Organizations can register and prequalify at any point prior to applying for funding in the Illinois GATA Grantee Portal. If an organization is in the process of applying for a specific funding opportunity, pre-qualification must be completed prior to the application due date listed in the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Please note, some pre-qualification requirements may take several weeks to complete. It is highly recommended that organizations begin the pre-qualification process early. Organizations interested in verifying their pre-qualification status are encouraged to submit the form below.

Click on the link next to each requirement to learn more about how to complete it.

IDHS staff will notify the organization if there are missing requirements for pre-qualification and connect them to the appropriate technical assistance and support. Through the form, organizations can also share their funding interests. Submitting the form is not mandatory for state funding and it will not affect scoring of future applications for funding.

If an organization is already registered in the Illinois GATA Grantee Portal, the organization can also verify its GATA pre-qualification status. The Grantee Portal will list the status of each pre-qualification requirement. If a status is not "good", on-line HELP will provide an explanation and a link to correct the issue. The status of all requirements must be "good" for the entity to be qualified.

Please note: the SAM.Gov account and the Secretary of State "good standing" are renewed annually. It is the organization's responsibility to ensure the status for both requirements do not expire, as that could affect its eligibility to apply for funding.

For additional training and assistance, refer to: GATA Technical Assistance Learning Management System.

Youth serving organizations may also request additional training and assistance by filling out the Youth Development Programming Capacity Building Questionnaire.

Organization Information

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What type(s) of NOFO is your organization applying for?

Reimagine Public Safety Act (RPSA)

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA)

What DHS Division(s) is the organization interested in partnering with for future funding opportunities?