P-EBT Change of Address Form

If you have an existing case for SNAP, Cash or Medical benefits, use Manage My Case (MMC) to report your change of address or call the LINK hotline listed below.

For P-EBT Change of Address requests,

  • If you have received your PEBT Link Card, and need to update your address; you may do so using the LINK hotline at 1-800-678-5465. If needed, you can order a new card from the LINK hotline also.
  • If you have not received your PEBT Link Card yet, but have been told you are eligible, you can request an address change using this P-EBT Change of Address form. 
  • Only one child per P-EBT Change of Address form. If you have multiple children, please complete a Change of Address form for each child.
  • Please list your contact information so that we may contact you if there are questions regarding your student's account

If you have not received a P-EBT Approval Letter, please contact the child's school and verify that the child's name, address, and lunch program participation status on file is accurate instead of completing this P-EBT Change of Address Form at this time.

Person Completing Request

Child Receiving P-EBT Benefits

Old Address

New Address