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Customized Employment Success Story

Sunday, December 06, 2015

GLENCOE, Ill. (WLS) --

A social service organization and a career placement agency are teaming up to find jobs for people with disabilities.

Their collaboration is helping to find the right fit for those who might be harder to place.

Jewish Child and Family Services and JVS Chicago call it a "customized employment program." They say jobs that are tailor-made for people with disabilities have a greater likelihood of success.

This is 42-year-old Jodye Lieberman's first office job. She says it's a perfect fit for her personality.

"I am very good at socializing, talking to people and stuff like that," Lieberman said.

She works as an assistant at the North Shore Congregation Israel School.

"There was an incentive, I mean this helps us say well yeah, let's try it, of a grant that would provide two things: one, a little bit of funding to cover the cost of a staff person. And there was money for a job coach," said Dr. Roberta Goodman, North Shore Congregation Israel School.

The job coach assists Lieberman with daily tasks. She also keeps a binder filled with instructions to help keep Lieberman on track.

"I'm capable to do some more stuff that I realized and I wanted to get more out of it," Lieberman said.

The customized job came through a collaboration between Jewish Child and Family Services and JVS Chicago. JVS Chicago works to match people with jobs.

"It's not just here's a job. You wanna work? It's what are your interests? What are your skills? What are your abilities? What kind of environment do you work best in? Let's talk about your transportation," said Helene Levine, JVS Chicago.

Jewish Child and Family Services supports adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

"When you consider that 20 percent of the population reports having a disability of some sort, for businesses to be seen as providing these opportunities to people and for those people to be successful and productive in those opportunities is a real win-win," said Jodi Newmark, Jewish Child and Family Services.

Both Jewish Child and Family Services and JVS Chicago work with all types of people.

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