My Manage My Case Information Does Not Look Correct

We recently changed ABE so you can view your benefits and make changes in your account online.

Please do not be concerned if some of the information in your 'Manage My Case' looks wrong. It's because of the changes made to the computer system. This is normal and will not affect your benefits.

For instance:

  • If the word 'Converted Income' shows instead of the name of your employer, don't try to change it.
  • If all of your household income is showing under one person instead of two or more people, or if the frequency of pay is not right, don't worry.
  • If the same income seems to be showing twice, that just means you had two cases in the system. A caseworker will combine them into one case.
  • If someone was on the original case but was not receiving benefits, they may not appear in the household but a caseworker will add them in.

If a fact about your household has changed, use 'Manage My Case' to report the change. Please do not update any other information at this time. A caseworker will correct the information the next time your case is updated.