IMHPAC Sept 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes


September 14, 2017

12:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Attendees in Chicago:

John Shustizky, Andrea Cooke, Ray Connor, Lisa Betz, Joanne Furnas (covering for Lynn O'Shea), Ron Melka, Dennis Hopkins, John Brien, Fred Friedman, Anne Irving, Daniel Silbert, Matt Perry (guest)

Attendees in Springfield:

Lee Ann Reinert, Terry Carmichael, Diana Knaebe, AJ French, Intern Dave (guest)

Attendees by Telephone:

Emily Miller, Cindy Daxenbichler, Ron Melka, Diana Knaebe, Margo Roethlisberger, Irwin Kerzner, Christine Walker, Sondra Frazier, Pearl Madlock, Nanette Larson, Mary Ann Abate, Amy Starin

Call to Order:

The Meeting was called to order by Andrea Cooke at 12:01 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

July: Correction noted by Cindy Daxenbichler that she was omitted from the attendance (by phone). Ron Melka moved to approve with above correction, seconded by Ray Connor, Motion Passed with AJ French and Fred Friedman abstaining.

August: Motion to accept by Mary Ann Abate, seconded by Ron Melka. Motion Passed, AJ French and Fred Friedman abstained.

DMH Report

Lee Ann Reinert stated summer was busy due to the Block Grant and the Block Grant Survey. Ms. Reinert thanked all who participated and said that Kim Harris felt all information was helpful. DMH had a brief debriefing with Ms. Harris last month. Larger exit conference expected by the end of this month, a written summary will also be available after that time.

Block Grant was submitted August 31, 2017. DMH currently is working on making it available through a link with their DMH Webmaster.

Block Grant set-aside for First Episode Psychosis (FEP) - 21st Century Cures Act does contain language that States could obtain set aside monies for a broader range of diagnoses... New diagnoses, such as bi-polar and PTSD, are in the Act. Hoping for confirmation soon of specific diagnostic criteria, Lee Ann stated, as she does not want to have providers open up eligibility until confirmation is received.

Lee Ann went on to report DMH is awaiting the Waiver decision. Integrated Health Homes (IHH) cannot begin until Waiver 1115 is implemented. Though December 1, 2017 is currently the deadline, it is not looking like that will occur.

Fred Friedman: In reference to IMHPAC's role and Cook County Jail being a large provider of Mental Health (MH), what is the status of CCJ's ability to provide MH services?

Lee Ann: Currently in a holding pattern awaiting Federal approval. Lee Ann will take this back to Director Knaebe for further input.

John Shustizky: This is a good opportunity to reach out to State Agencies, Department of Corrections and Board of Education to confirm their participation specifically those activities outlined in our Block Grant.

AJ French: Referring to IHH and Behavioral Health Care Clinics (BHCC) in the 1115 Waiver- who will they be accountable to? Under whose oversight?

Lee Ann responded: IHH provides care coordination, such as overseeing a person's health needs. Providers of health care will still fall under current oversight. IHH functions are new; DMH is not sure of who is responsible for oversight. BHCC's do not currently exist. HFS wants to allow these new clinics, who thus far will not be allowed to offer a full array of services (ACT, PSR, CST), to attest to HFS. HFS would then enroll the BHCC.

AJ: Why would BHCC's not be accountable? Where is the regulatory oversight? This puts people, and the State, at risk. Where is the grievance procedure?

Director Knaebe: HFS will be responsible.

Mary Ann Abate: What will OIG's role be?

Director Knaebe: HFS has a different OIG than DHS. HFS can respond to how this will be addressed.

AJ: without regulatory standards, there will be no teeth.

Director Knaebe: HFS can dis-enroll.

Lee Ann: 3 Grants have been submitted to SAMHSA. 1. PIP Grant was awarded to New York, Kentucky and Vermont. This is a replacement of the Individual Community Mental Health Grant.

DMH has not heard back yet about grants 2 & 3. These are two different Suicide Prevention Grants centered on bringing Illinois' suicide rate to zero.

DMH has recently awarded monies to providers to provide Evidence-Based Practice Trainings. These trainings need to occur before 10-22-2017.

Andrea Cooke: Is the DMH Budget available and is there ability to provide feedback?

Director Knaebe: Yes, the General Budget is available. As for feedback, specific grants were required by GATA. Feedback for the FY19 budget will be in Jan or Feb of 2018.

Anne Irving: Historically, the Division Budget was brought to the Council's September meeting. Due to the uncertainty of the State budget this could not happen this year. In reference to bonding out and cuts, is there anything which can be shared?

Director Knaebe stated nothing official. Autism, Teen Reach will see a 5% cut. DMH has been told be Governor Rauner to expect cut.

Fred: Is the Division going after dollars for Assisted Out-patient Treatment?

Director Knaebe answered that there is no official response. She cannot imagine getting something in place by October. DHS supports Cook County's current grant. Director Knaebe has not heard of a statewide approach.

John S. suggested that when Federal funding is available, the Council would welcome the opportunity to weigh in.

Director Knaebe replied that, due to the short window/turnaround of the grant applications, having the Council as a whole weigh in would be difficult. She suggested the possibility of a specific committee within the Council to do so.

John: the Council appreciated the opportunity to provide feedback for the Block Grant.

In answer to questions about the Olmstead, Williams and Colbert Consent Decrees, Director Knaebe advised she could supply the Council with a link. She also advised Colbert will be moved from Aging to DHS.

Ray stated employment should be more tightly woven into the treatment plans of those involved in the Williams Class. Director Knaebe answered Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is to be a part of the Williams Class clients services, suggested following up with the provider(s).

Additional Information to DMH Report:

Discussion of HFS involvement: A suggestion was made by Anne to reach out to HFS. AJ asked about the possibility of HFS to attend and Andrea responded that HFS had been invited to today's meeting but did not respond.

Reference Rule 132 and Rule 140, it was reported by Lisa that revisions should be completed by the end of next week and then it will go back to the full Advisory Council. HFS has already offered an opportunity for public comment and it may still be posted on HFS' site. Director Knaebe advised that comments are there in Section 1.

AJ made a motion for Council to participate in a phone call. After discussion, that motion was withdrawn. Emily made a motion for IMHPAC to draft a formal letter to Director Norwood and Howard Peters reference Rule 132, Rule 140 and the 1115 Waiver requesting a teleconference be made available for the entire Council to participate. AJ seconded. Motion carried, with Emily volunteering to draft the letter and then send to John and Andrea.

Committee Reports:

* Development- Ron Melka discussed the resignation of Lynn O'Shea and her recommendation of Joanne Furnas. Lynn O'Shea's resignation accepted with regret. AJ concurred. Fred made a motion to send a letter of appreciation to Lynn, seconded by Ron. Motion carried- John and Andrea will draft the letter.

Fred then asked for the status of Matt Perry's nomination to which AJ replied the Development Committee will reach out to Matt and Joanne. John voiced that, in this time of rejuvenation, Council needs clarity of those who can continue to be a part of a committee. Members concurred. Fred then asked about the status of the stipend NAMI used to provide members with lived experiences and family members. Lee Ann will check with Director Knaebe. John explained that, previously, the contract was under NAMI- vouchers were submitted to DMH and, once approved, NAMI cut the checks to the individuals. John believes there was $10,000.00 with nothing being spent without the approval of DMH. The stipend was for attendance and mileage. Andrea stated that members with lived experience and family members has decreased since the stipends were discontinued, she has concern that the Council is in compliance with the number of required consumers. Andrea also stated that participation of members with lived experience has decreased since the stipends were discontinued. She also stated that the Council is not within the required CMHS guidelines as to the percentage of consumers on the Council. Andrea also state the roster is inaccurate.

* Children & Adolescents- Ray updated the Council that the C & A Committee has not met since April of 2016. Ray will check the mailing list to replace Committee members. Lisa and/or Irwin may still have a copy. Update by Ray that, historically, there have been over 30 participants via phone in the past. Christine Walker then thanked Ray for all of his work on this committee and echoed others' sentiments of the importance for this committee to continue. Fred made a motion to continue, Ron seconded. John then advised a motion is not needed for the Committee's continuation. Ray also commented that C & A has received considerable support from DMH.

* Adult In-Patient- Andrea updated that there is no report as this Committee has not met since meetings were suspended. Andrea anticipates they will meet in October. Lee Ann asked if DMH was participating, Andrea advised no, no support needed.

General reference Committees: John suggested that, since IMHPAC is in re-launch mode that it would be wise to take a look at Committees to see if any new ones may be needed. Anne commented that a call-in is very helpful for participants and that Committee members do not necessarily need to be Council Members.

New Business

Decision Makers in Cook Co. IL-letter enclosed: AJ shared the letter she wrote to the decision makers in Cook County reference the necessity of quality MH treatment care for all. AJ stated she wanted to bring her letter to Council for the opportunity for public comment about services for inmates. Fred agreed and said Next Steps supports her statements made in the letter. Fred also wished to share an applicable article in today's New York Times highlighting a woman who diligently advanced her education while incarcerated, was accepted into Harvard for her Ph.D., then denied entry into the program due to her incarceration.

Discussion of Development Committee Elections: Andrea advised, reference upcoming elections, that there is a need for five more people including someone from DMH. Lee Ann suggested Nanette Larson. After compliments of Nanette's work on the Block Grant were shared, Fred Friedman volunteered to be on the interim Development Committee. Ray nominated Fred, Ron seconded. Motion passed unanimously. DMH Nanette Larson is officially appointed.

Discussion of General Elections of Members: Andrea led Discussion of who may have expiring terms, desire to stay on. Question was raised of the term limits due to the recent suspension of IMHPAC. Ray suggested that the Development Committee put together a slate prior to our next meeting in November. Participants concurred. John requested members let the Development Committee (AJ & Ron Co-Chairs) your intention to stay on the Council or not.

Andrea advised there is going to be technical assistance provided by SAMHSA for meetings, trainings and work with revising the Council's By-Laws. She anticipates this to begin in October 2017.

John reminded the group to please make sure items for discussion are on the agenda prior to meetings.

Public Comment

Guest Matt Perry from Next Steps requested permission to pass out a form to record participants in today's meeting for a SAMHSA grant awarded to Next Steps. John explained to the group that this was purely voluntary after the meeting. Fred requested this form be added to November's Agenda.

Guest Dave (intern in Springfield) asked for an update reference Table 9 in the Block Grant concerning veteran's services. Lee Ann answered that the purpose of Table 9 is to accurately report to Federal entities Services provided to veterans.

Confirmation of the next meeting of the Illinois Mental Health Planning and Advisory Council will be November 2, 2017.


Ron, seconded by AJ, made a motion for adjournment. Motion carried, Meeting adjourned at 2:28 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joanne Furnas

On behalf of Council Secretary Lynn O'Shea