FY17 - Grant Agreement Exhibits

DMH Grantees,

During the DMH FY18 grant making process, several of the FY17 grant agreement exhibits were attached to the FY18 grant agreements in the CSA system rather than the appropriate FY18 exhibits. Consequently, these grant agreements need to be formally amended to replace the FY17 exhibit information with the FY18 exhibit information. DMH will be requesting that OCA publish these amendments in the CSA system for your signature in the next few days.

The exhibit amendments are zero dollar amendments that replace the current exhibit language with updated FY18 exhibit language. The funding is not changing. Most of the differences are in regard to reporting frequency as well as performance measures and standards. Since these are formal amendments, you will need to please sign the signature page and return it to OCA. This issue did not occur with all programs so you will not see an amendment for every program exhibit.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. If you have questions, please reach out to your program contact.

Best Regards,

DHS Division of Mental Health

Fiscal Office