DMH Programs - Invoice Templates

DMH Grantees,

Good news! Invoice templates are now available on the DHS/DMH Webpage ( ) for those programs that require submission of an invoice for reimbursement. The templates are now more uniform across programs. Please begin using these templates with the next billing cycle for applicable programs.

Please click here to go to GRANTS REPORTING Section

520 - Regions Donated Funds Initiative (doc)

780 - Transition Coordination (xls)

790 - Clinical Review (xls)

793 - Consent Decree Training Institute (xlsx)

794 - Mortality Review (xlsx)

795 - Resident Review (xls)

796 - Neuropsychological Assessments (xlsx)

797 - Occupational Therapy Assessments (xlsx)

For programs that do not require submission of an invoice, nothing has changed. You will continue to receive regular monthly payments for your capacity grants.

Best Regards,

DHS/DMH Fiscal