Questions and Answers for 18-444-26-0724-02 NOFO

Q1: If we do not have a Residential Rehabilitation Rate established with IDHS/DASA, can we use an estimated rate?

A1: Yes.  Please provide justification for how you estimated the rate.

Q2: Please confirm that applicants are required to submit only 2 attachments - the signed budget calculation form & the 2-page budget narrative. Correct?

A2:  In addition to submitting the Uniform State Grant Application and the Proposal Narrative (Max 10 pages), there are the Fixed-Rate Grant Budget Template and budget narrative.

Q3: Surrounding counties of Morgan, does that include Cook County?

A3: No.

Q4: We are unable to enter the budget in CSA Tracking. Can we submit the Fixed Rate Grant Budget Template that is in .pdf?

A4: Yes. Submit the Fixed Rate Grant Budget Template.

Q5: Can a cover letter be submitted with the NOFO 18-444-26-0724-02?

A5: No.