Forgot ABE User Name or Password

If you forgot your ABE user name:

You will need to register for a new one.

If you forgot your password:

  • From the home page, enter your user ID on the left hand side and then click the link for resetting passwords. This will bring up a page where you can complete password resets by answering your secret questions. The answers to your secret questions are case sensitive, so make sure that you are answering them EXACTLY as you did when you first answered them.
  • When something is case sensitive, it means that using a capital letter is not the same as using a small letter. For example, ICECREAM is not the same answer as IceCream. Be sure to write down and keep track of your user ID, password, and answers to secret questions, including whether you use any capital letters.

What if I forget the answers to my secret questions?

You will need to create a new account. Be sure to write down your User ID, Password and answers to your secret questions when you create a new account. Keep them in a safe place.