FY18 Healthy Families Illinois NOFO 18-444-80-0660-02

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  We would like some clarity regarding the allowed indirect costs.

#15 of the Summary Information is stating the 10% (direct/indirect) admin limit

#C6 is stating that the IDCR can be used, if higher

Which one is going to be allowed? We need to know to make a decision about responding to the NOFO.

  • Section C - Eligibility Information, 6. Indirect Cost Rate is information regarding indirect cost rates in general. For the HFI grant, the limitation (cap) for administrative costs is actually 10% of total program costs and is not only on indirect but also includes direct administrative costs. The total amount of administrative casts cannot exceed 10%. Indirect is only a piece of that. If there are other direct administrative costs in the overall program budget, then the amount of indirect charged would need to low enough so that the entire amount of administrative charges (direct and indirect combined) doesn't exceed the 10% limit. This is the amount referenced in Summary Information item 15 - Indirect Costs Allowed, Restrictions on Indirect Costs, listed in the NOFO.

2.  We would like to apply for funding to serve two of the Priority Areas of Service listed in the NOFO. Should we submit two separate proposals or can we combine them into one proposal?

  • Applicants will submit a separate proposal for each area of service.

3. There are 3 mandatory documents listed at the bottom of the NOFO page, and Section D - Application and Submission Information, 2. Contact and Form of Application Package indicates that 'Applicants must submit a plan that contains the information as outlined in the Healthy Families Illinois Program Plan. Applications must be submitted on the HFI Program Plan document (Located under Mandatory Forms).' I want to make sure that I understand correctly that all of the Program Narrative, Target Population, Geographic Area Served, and Description of Services information, with the respective page limits, should all be included in the single 'Program Plan' document. We are not to complete the Program Plan document and include those sections separately, on a separate Word document, for example? Just those 3 documents should be submitted along with the program risk assessment and the budget and budget narrative, by deadline?

  • The Program Plan should be completed in its entirety. Additional pages may be submitted if necessary.

4. I would like to know, what does "FAW" and "FSW" mean under the title Trained on the final page of the Program Plan?

  • FAW = Family Assessment Worker
  • FSW = Family Support Worker

5. May we request funding to support a doula as part of this program?

  • This program does not provide funding for doulas. Funding is provided to recruit, hire and retain home visitors.

6. With regards to the budget and budget narrative - would you like it submitted into the CSA Budget Tracking System or do you need a hard copy scanned with the rest of the submission?

  • The budget must be submitted in the CSA system.