Person Centered Planning Webinars

2017 Person Centered Planning Webinar Series

Webinar 1 of 4: Person Centered Planning Introduction

This webinar provides an overview of the CMS regulations and the DDD System Transformation efforts also known as Life Choices

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Webinar 2 of 4: Person Centered Planning, Welcome!

This brief welcome addresses four main questions commonly asked about in the Person Centered Planning process: What does it mean? Why are we doing this in Illinois? Can this be postponed until later? What's expected of me?

Webinar 3 of 4: Person Centered Planning: Discovery, Personal Plan and Implementation Strategy

This webinar walks viewers through the Person Centered Planning process. It provides an overview of the contents of the Discovery Tool, Personal Plan and Implementation Strategy.

Webinar 4 of 4: Person Centered Planning Implementation Strategy

This webinar was presented live but recorded for future reference. This webinar presents the requirements of an Implementation Strategy, its relationship to the Personal Plan, and how it will be monitored.

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