WAG 06-30-03: Reviewing Eligibility

PM 06-30-03

Verifications required at REDE are:

  • proof of income for the last 30 days,
  • Illinois residence, and
  • proof of current immigration status.

If the client reports a change in immigration status at the redetermination, or at any time, ask for documentation. If an Alien ID number is provided, run the Verify Lawful Presence (VLP) clearance. Complete a SAVE inquiry if necessary.

Accept information reported on a redetermination form declaring that their resources are below the resource standard for the program, unless questionable (Simplified Processing as described in PM 19-02-03-b applies). 

Since persons are certified for VTTC medical benefits through the "Medical Benefits for Asylum Applicants and Torture Victims" (AATV) IES screens, the redetermination form that the client receives will contain the AATV related questions (see WAG 06-21-03). As with the AATV program, these questions will not appear in "Manage My Case" (MMC) until IES is updated.

  • When a person continues to qualify for VTTC, respond to the IES question in the same manner as described in WAG 06-30-02. Remember, the only way we can identify that a person qualifies for medical benefits under VTTC rather than AATV is by viewing the IES case notes and supporting verifications.
  • If a person loses eligibility because they failed to file an application for status with the USCIS within one year of initial eligibility, or received a final denial of status, answer 'No' to the torture victim and pending asylum application questions on the AATV screen.