PM 06-30-03: Reviewing Eligibility

WAG 06-30-03

  1. Renewals
  2. Non-citizen Status Changes
    1. T Visa Approved
    2. U Visa approved
    3. Asylum Application Filed
    4. Asylum Application Approved
  3. Ending Eligibility


Eligibility for VTTC medical benefits must be redetermined every 12 months or when a change is reported. VTTC and AATV are not subject to auto-REDE (process A) in IES. All financial and non-financial criteria, including immigration status, must be reviewed.

Non-citizen Status Changes

Review eligibility when a change in immigration status is reported at REDE, or any other time during the certification period.

T Visa Approved

A person who is approved for a T Visa meets federal Medicaid Qualifying Non-citizen criteria as a trafficking victim per PM 03-01-02-d. The worker must update their immigration status and determine eligibility for another medical program.

U Visa approved

A person who is approved for a U Visa does not meet federal Medicaid Qualifying Non-citizen criteria and continues to qualify for VTTC as long as they meet all other eligibility criteria.

Asylum Application Filed

When a person provides documentation that verifies that they have a pending asylum application, they may qualify for the AATV program. However, a person whose asylum application is still pending with USCIS by the time they reach the maximum eligibility period for AATV per PM 06-21-04, may again qualify for VTTC benefits.

Asylum Application Approved

A person who is approved for Asylum status meets federal Medicaid Qualifying Non-citizen criteria per PM 03-01-02-d. Their immigration status must be updated and eligibility determined for another medical program.

Ending Eligibility

An individual shall no longer be eligible if:

  1. there is a final denial of the principal victim's visa or asylum application, or
  2. if the principal victim has not filed a formal application for status within one year after the date of his or her application for medical benefits, unless the worker with supervisory approval determines that during the year of initial VTTC eligibility the individual:
    • experienced a health crisis,
    • has been unable, after reasonable attempts, to obtain necessary information from a third party, or
    • has other extenuating circumstances that prevented the person from completing his or her application for status.

If the principal victim no longer meets the VTTC eligibility criteria, the principal victim and his derivative family members must be evaluated for medical eligibility under other programs.