March 1, 2017 - EEOPD Approved Minutes

EEOPD Task Force Meeting-March 1, 2017

  1. Call to Order
  2. Quorum Established
  3. Introductions
  4. Approval of Meeting Minutes
  5. Review of Employment First Presentation of Recommendations for State Agency Directors held on Thursday December 8th
    • Recap of presentation on 12/8/17 to EEOPWDT by Barry Taylor and Cathy Karmody
  6. Review of Status of Work Group Strategic Plan Recommendations
    • Provider group strategic plan update (Cathy Karmody)
      • Plan to end of calendar year, update 18 or 19
      • Put to easier tasks first then harder
    • Workforce Development Group (Barry Taylor)
      • Marcos Peterson-CMS Liaison for BEP
      • State use-statistics program -Tracy Reuter
      • Establish statewide training
      • Web-based accessibility
      • State as model employer
      • WIOA imp consistent with employment first-set up for a month
    • Bill submitted to GA SB1453 McCann for supported employment with state government\
    • SB1274 CMS Bill-clean-up bill-passed through committee
    • Transition Workgroup-Sharon Slover
      • Reached out to ISAC
      • Assigned areas to groups to discuss, brought back recommendations for goals
      • Cost free measured put up front because considerate
    • Employer-Private Workgroup
      • Anna scheduling a meeting with private employers and Lauren and Robin
    1. Brief Discussion of "What's Next" for Task Force
    2. Activity Updates (depending on time allocation) :
      • Update: Office Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) Employment First Core State and Vision Quest Projects-Tania Morawiec and Lore Baker, DHS
        • Tania and Lore ODEP meeting in DC
  • Update: DCEO Disability Initiatives-Matt Hillen, DCEO
    • DEI-no cost model-not through so shut down
      • 2 Summits :
        1.  Mt. Vernon
        2. College of DuPage
  • ? Update: WIOA Implementation-Doug Morton, DRS and Matt Hillen, DCEO
    • WIOA Title I (DCEO) and Title IV (DRS) services brought providers and others in on conversations and cross agency alignment capabilities
    • Video project short videos relevant to job seekers with disabilities
      • Able to complete 50 videos-almost done
      • Engaged in script writing from committee
  • DEI Round 5-ends 3/2018 grant youth with disability and career pathways for Cook and area emphasis on technology secondary and post-secondary
    • Federal monitor came out in January
    • Follow up pieces to monitoring
    • Hoping IEP/ILP document-vetting with ISBE
    • Videos on website posting on Disability Workshop Social Media
  • SAMSA Grant Update: Katherine Burson, DMH
  • Legislative Committee Update: Phil Milsk
    • ADA Notification Act-will likely mass under this Congress-9th or 10th time trying
      • Business owner intent to file needs to be given-disabilities in different places then any professional class
  • ADA Education and Compliance Act-HR 620
  • E for E-Employment Rights Helpline
    • Grant from Chicago Committee Trust
    • 1 year grant with additional years
  • Other Agency Updates re: Employment First related activities
  1. IDES Update/Administrative Issues-IDES
    • Ethics Certification Update/Reminder
  2. New Business-(Please submit prior to the meeting)
    • Broad change-mission we want to address structure, tracking and reporting
    • Review of meeting schedule-Next Meeting: June 1, 2017 10am-1pm Murdock Room, 100 West Randolph Street (5-300)
    • Membership needs to be updated
  3. Adjourn