Illinois Task Force on Employment and Economic Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities


The EEOPD Task Force was created by the General Assembly in 2009 (20 ILCS 4095/) to analyze programs and policies of the State to determine what changes, modifications, and innovations may be necessary to remove barriers to competitive employment and economic opportunity for persons with disabilities, including barriers such as transportation, housing, program accessibility, and benefit structure. The Task Force also analyzes State disability systems, including the mental health, developmental disabilities, veterans' assistance, workforce investment, and rehabilitation services systems, and their effect on employment of persons with disabilities. The Task Force reviews and analyzes applicable research and policy studies, innovations used in other states, and any federal policy initiatives such as customized employment, and federal funding opportunities that would increase competitive employment and economic opportunity for persons with disabilities in Illinois.

See the January 2018 FINAL EEOPD Recommendations Report (pdf)

Board/Commission/Task Force Requirements

The EEOPD Taskforce was established in 2009 via Legislation (PA 96-368). It includes10 Designated State Agencies: Governor's Office, Education (ISBE, CCO, IBHE), DCEO, Health and Human Services, Divisions of: Vocational Rehabilitation, Developmental Disabilities and Mental Health, DD Council, IDES, Veterans Affairs.

15 Public Members (at least 5 who have a disability) serve on the Taskforce.  This diverse stakeholder group is comprised of representatives from the following sectors: 

  • Statewide disability organizations
  • Agency with expertise in assistive technology devices
  • Advocates for veterans with disabilities,
  • Centers for independent living & disability services providers,
  • Organized labor
  • Higher education,
  • Private sector business community,
  • Entities that provide employment and training services to persons with disabilities.

Several workgroups exist within the EEOPD Taskforce. The workgroups, which support action steps aligned with the Employment First Strategic plan are: Provider, Transitions, Employer Engagement, Legislation and Workforce Development.

EEOPD meetings are open to the public and occur in Springfield and Chicago once a quarter. Official members of the Taskforce must be appointed.

If an individual needs an accommodation in order to participate in an EEOPD meeting, please contact Martha Younger-White at , 312-793-1565 (phone), or 888-614-2385 (TTY). Please make your request at least 14 calendar days prior to the scheduled meeting.

EEOPD Priorities

The EEOPD has several priorities including: Reform of existing employment systems via implementation of Employment First, addressing subminimum wage, housing and transportation. Recent EEOPD activities include:

  • Strategic Plan

Next Steps -

  • Harmonize areas across 4 work group plans
  • Work with State Agencies for Implementation