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1116-0364 (pdf) Accused failed to properly supervise victim allowing him to ingest several coins and failed to take him to mandated medical examinations which contributed to the victim's subsequent death Self-report 4/2/16 4/2/16 4/26/18 5/26/18 5/24/18 5/24/18 (pdf)
1117-0142 (pdf) Accused raised a belt in a threatening manner while ordering the victim to return to his bedroom, then struck the victim's bed with the belt while telling him to stay in bed. Self-Report 10/13/16 10/13/16 12/4/17 1/3/18 1/4/18 1/10/18 (pdf)
1117-0148 (pdf) Accused did not call the agency nurse or 911 for four to seven hours after finding the victim on the floor and unable to get up. Complaint June of 2016 10/17/16 1/4/18 2/3/18 1/23/18 1/23/18 (pdf)
1117-0261 (pdf) Accused dragged the victim from the bathroom to her bedroom after the victim fell in the bathroom and the accused was unable to pick her up. Self-Report 12/30/16 12/30/16 12/21/17 1/20/18 1/4/18 1/10/18 (pdf)
1117-0277 (pdf) While driving the agency van with two individuals, the accused dropped her phone, bent to retrieve it, and had to violently apply the van breaks to avoid an accident. This caused the victim's improperly secured wheelchair to break free and throw the victim to the floor. Self-Report Unknown 1/9/17 12/11/17 1/10/18 12/18/17 12/29/17 (pdf)
1117-0376 (pdf) Agency placed the victim at risk by not having him properly evaluated after he suffered several falls. Complaint 3/7/17 3/7/17 9/7/18 10/7/18
1117-0415 (pdf) Accused left six victims unsupervised on the home for an unknown period of time. Self-Report 4/5/17 4/7/17 12/11/17 1/10/18 1/17/18 1/17/18 (pdf)
1117-0436 (pdf) Accused left four victims alone in the CILA, when they were not authorized any home alone time. Self-Report 4/15/17 4/15/17 3/9/18 4/8/18 4/4/18 4/5/18 (pdf)
1118-0106 (pdf) Accused left four victims alone and unsupervised for approximately one hour Self-Report 9/7/17 9/7/17 3/28/18 4/27/18 4/4/18 4/5/18 (pdf)
1218-0225 (pdf) Accused left the victim unsupervised at the CILA while taking other individuals to church. Self-Report 10/25/17 10/25/17 4/16/18 5/16/18 5/30/18 5/30/18 (pdf)
1618-0166 (pdf) Accused left two victims unsupervised in an agency van while he went into a store.1/4/18 Self-report 9/17/17 9/17/17 1/10/18 2/9/18 2/21/18 2/22/18 (pdf)

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