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2918-0012 (pdf) Accused fell asleep while on duty, leaving five victims with various unsupervised. Self-Report 8/24/17 8/24/17 12/6/17 1/5/18 12/7/17 12/7/17 (pdf)
2918-0017 (pdf) Accused left the victim unsupervised while in the washroom, allowing him to elope. Victim is on same room supervision as he is a known elopement risk. Self-Report 9/19/17 9/19/17 3/28/18 4/27/18 3/29/18 3/29/18 (pdf)
2918-0019 (pdf) Accused pushed the victim in the chest three times, causing her to fall to the floor. Self-report 9/20/17 9/20/17 4/16/18 5/16/18 4/23/18 4/23/18 (pdf)
2918-0035 (pdf) Accused failed to intervene in a physical altercation between individuals, then failed to seek medical attention for the victim's injury. Self-Report 11/20/17 11/20/17 3/19/18 4/18/18 3/20/18 3/20/18 (pdf)
2918-0041 (pdf) Accused failed to properly supervise the victim, who started a rag and, subsequently, his own clothes on fire. Self-report 12/11/17 12/11/17 4/17/18 5/17/18 4/26/18 4/26/18 (pdf)
2918-0053 (pdf) Facility failed to have an adequate policy in dealing with the victim's PICA disorder, allowing her to ingest a button off a pair of jeans. Self-Report 1/13/18 1/13/18 5/30/18 6/29/18 5/31/18 5/31/18 (pdf)

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