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1117-0369 (pdf) Accused tackled the victim into a wall, then threw him to the floor where he pinned the victim's head to the ground. Self-Report 3/5/17 3/5/17 6/15/18 7/15/18 6/28/18 6/28/18 (pdf)
1118-0100 (pdf) Accused drove five individuals to their day program, leaving the victim home alone for six hours. Self-Report 9/18/17 9/18/17 12/19/17 1/18/18 1/4/18 1/10/18 (pdf)
1118-0127 (pdf) Accused left four victims in the un-air conditioned agency van while she shopped for an undetermined space of time. Self-Report 9/27/17 9/27/17 1/5/18 2/4/18 1/22/18 1/22/18 (pdf)
1118-0248 (pdf) Accused left the victims inside the company van unattended and unsupervised when he walked inside a fast food restaurant to purchase food. Self-Report 12/10/17 12/10/17 3/21/18 4/20/18 3/29/18 3/29/18 (pdf)

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