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1617-0198 (pdf) Accused failed to pull up the guard rails on the victim's bed, allowing him to fall out of bed causing a laceration to his head, then failed to get him emergency treatment. Complaint 10/5/16 10/5/16 5/21/18 6/20/18 6/28/18 6/28/18 (pdf)
1617-0199 (pdf) Accused failed to notify nursing staff after the victim, who was un-attended in the washroom, fell, striking his head Complaint 10/5/16 10/5/16 5/31/18 6/30/18 6/28/18 6/28/18 (pdf)
1617-0426 (pdf) Accused left three victims unattended in an agency van which resulted in one of the victims putting the van in gear, causing it to roll backwards across the street. Self-Report 1/24/17 1/24/17 1/10/18 2/9/18 2/26/18 2/26/18 (pdf)
1618-0296 (pdf) Accused left eight individuals unsupervised as he was found asleep on the couch at 7:30 p.m., while being the only staff on duty.. Self-Report 11/21/17 11/21/17 8/15/18 9/14/18 9/19/18
1618-0403 (pdf) Accused left the victim, who requires 24 hour supervision, unsupervised for approximately four hours. Self-Report 2/1/18 2/1/18 6/14/18 7/14/18 7/26/18 7/27/18 (pdf)

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