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1117-0047 (pdf) Accused allowed the victim to elope from the CILA three times during one shift. Self-Report 8/4/16 8/4/16 4/2/18 5/2/18 4/19/18 4/19/18 (pdf)
1118-0061 (pdf) Accused abandoned her assigned home leaving seven individuals without supervision, one of which who was on one to one supervision for aggressive tendencies. Self-Report 8/26/17 8/26/17 12/15/17 1/14/18 1/09/18 1/10/18 (pdf)
1118-0436 (pdf) Accused physically abused the victim by pushing him in the chest to prevent him from punching her, which caused him to trip over a coffee table and fall backwards onto the floor. Self-Report 5/6/18 5/6/18 7/31/18 8/30/18 8/28/18 9/6/18 (pdf)
1119-0055 (pdf) Accused redirected the victim back to bed without medical attention after the victim fell and suffered a laceration. Self-Report 8/4/18 8/4/18 10/18/18 11/17/18 10/25/18 10/25/18 (pdf)

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