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1019-0203 (pdf) Accused left six victims at their CILA unsupervised, stating he was stressed out. Complaint 12/15/18 12/15/18 3/27/19 4/26/19
1218-0185 (pdf) Accused struck the victim on the back of the hand in an insulting and provoking nature. Self-Report 10/5/17 10/5/17 3/1/18 3/31/18 3/6/18 3/6/18 (pdf)
1218-0186 (pdf) The agency failed to have written policies assigning specific staff to ensure line of sight supervision during meal preparation, failed to have adequate staff during mealtime and failed to provide adequate supervision of staff allowing the victim to choke on food, thereby causing his death. Self-Report 10/5/17 10/5/17 3/13/19 4/12/19 4/10/19
1218-0209 (pdf) Accused gave the victim multiple medications in error, causing a decrease in her vital signs and hospitalization. Self-Report 10/18/17 10/18/17 06/30/18 7/30/18 7/17/18 7/17/18 (pdf)
1218-0376 (pdf) Accused left six victims alone and unsupervised at the CILA. Self-Report 12/30/17 1/8/18 8/29/18 9/28/18 9/27/18 9/28/18 (pdf)
1218-0390 (pdf) Accused restrained the victim to a shower chair for fifteen minutes without a doctor's order. Self-Report 1/14/18 1/16/18 6/6/18 7/6/18 07/12/18 7/12/18 (pdf)
1218-0423 (pdf) Agency neglected the victim by not assigning a one to one staff to monitor the victim's PICA behaviors. Self-report 1/31/18 1/31/18 12/26/18 1/25/19 3/26/19
1219-0075 (pdf) Accused failed to provide supervision during the victim's bath, placing him at substantial risk of harm as evidenced by his being unresponsive, not breathing, and requiring life saving measures. Complaint 8/7/18 8/8/18 5/10/19 6/9/19
1219-0312 (pdf) Accused physically dragged the victim off the CILA. Complaint 12/4/18 12/4/18 2/20/19 3/22/19 2/28/19

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