SFY 2016 Provider Performance and Outcomes Report Dashboard Summary

Data in these reports are from service data submitted into DARTS (DASA's Automated Reporting & Tracking System) through June 31, 2016. Please note that DARTS only collects data for services reimbursed through DASA contract and Medicaid fee-for-service (FFS). Data on services reimbursed by Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are not reported by providers into DARTS, and therefore, the admissions and other service information are not included in these provider performance reports, nor in the statewide report. It should be noted that beginning in State Fiscal Year 2016, an increasing number (approximately 65%) of Illinois Medicaid patients belonged to a Managed Care Organization (MCO) and did not have MCO-reimbursed substance use disorder treatment service data reported in DARTS.

IDHS DASA Provider Reports Interpretation Guidance SFY2016 (pdf)

Illinois Provider Performance Dashboard Table Statewide FY2016 (pdf)

IDHS DASA Provider Reports Performance Measure Definitions - SFY2016(pdf)

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0059 Wabash County (pdf)

0079 Loretto Hospital (pdf)

0102 Association House (pdf)

0103 DeWitt County Human Resource Center (pdf)

0107 Continuing Recovery Center (pdf)

0108 Grand Prairie Services  (pdf)

0112 Human Support Service (pdf)

0118 Bridgeway Inc (pdf)

0121 Locust Street Resource Center (pdf)

0123 Perry County Counseling Centers Inc  (pdf)

0124 Bremen Youth Services (pdf)

0126 Chestnut Health Systems Inc (pdf)

0128 Habilitative Systems Inc (pdf)

0140 Jasper County Health Department (pdf)

0147 Massac County Mental Health Center(pdf)

0155 Pilsen Wellness Center(pdf)

0171 Bond County Health Department (pdf)

0174 Tazwood Mental Health Center (pdf)

0180 Human Resource Development Institute (pdf)

0181 Grundy County Health Department (pdf)

0200 Heritage Behavioral Health Center (pdf)

0206 Robert Young Community Mental Health Center (pdf)

0219 County of Will pdf)

0225 Jefferson County Comprehensive Services (pdf)

0226 Heartland Human Services (pdf)

0231 Comp Behavioral Health Center St Clair County (pdf)

0233 Lake County Health Department (pdf)

0234 Centerstone of Illinois (pdf) 

0235 Community Resource Center SFY2016 (pdf)

0236 Human Resource Center of Edgar & Clark Counties (pdf)

0237 Iroquois Mental Health Center (pdf)

0239 Institute for Human Resources (pdf)

0242 Well Spring Resources (pdf)

0248 Presence Behavioral Health (pdf)

0250 Southeastern Illinois Counseling Centers (pdf)

0252 Bobby E Wright (pdf)

0254 Ben Gordon Community Mental Health Center (pdf)

0271 Egyptian Public Mental Health Department (pdf)

0274 A Safe Haven (pdf)

0277 Piatt County Mental Health Center (pdf)

0278 Sinnissippi (pdf)

0280 Human Service Center of South Metro (pdf)

0282 County of Kendall (pdf)

0286 Lutheran Social Services of Illinois (pdf)

0298 Montgomery County Health Department (pdf)

0324 Human Service Center of Peoria (pdf)

0328 Alternatives Inc (pdf)

0334 Aunt Marthas Youth Service Center (pdf)

0349 The McDermott Center (pdf)

0352 Leyden Family Services Mental Health Center (pdf)

0380 Breaking Free (pdf)

0388 The Way Back Inn (pdf)

0390 Mental Health Centers of Western Illinois (pdf)

0400 Association for Human Development (pdf)

0438 Center for Alcohol and Drug Services (pdf)

0488 Rincon Family Services Inc (pdf)

0502 Peer Services Inc (pdf)

0521 Family Guidance Centers Inc (pdf)

0534 Youth Outreach Services Inc (pdf)

0538 Gateway Foundation Inc (pdf)

0555 Duane Dean Behavioral Health Center (pdf)

0557 Omni Youth Services (pdf)

0559 Remedies Renewing Lives (pdf)

0578 Schuyler Counseling and Health Services (pdf)

0584 Specialized Assistance Services NFP (pdf)

0589 Healthcare Alternative SystemsInc (pdf)

0594 Youth Service Project (pdf)

0595 Sojourn House (pdf)

0601 Rosecrance Inc (pdf)

0605 Cathedral Shelter of Chicago Inc (pdf)

0606 Prairie Center Health Systems Inc (pdf)

0609 Renz Addiction Counseling Center (pdf)

0613 Wells Center (pdf)

0614 NICASA (pdf)

0621 South Suburban Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse (pdf)

0625 Ricca (pdf)

0626 The Fellowship House (pdf)

0627 The Salvation Army (pdf)

0631 Central East Alcoholism Drug Abuse Council (pdf)

0632 Cass County Mental Health Association (pdf)

0637 TASC (pdf)

0643 North Central Behavioral Health Systems (pdf)

0666 Serenity House (pdf)

0687 Alcoholic Rehabilitation Community Home (pdf)

0700 Stepping Stones (pdf)

0834 The Advantage Group Foundation (pdf)

0941 Near North Health Services Inc (pdf)

0945 Delta Center Inc (pdf)

0969 Latino Treatment Center (pdf)

0990 The Women's Treatment Center (pdf)

0991 Guildhaus (pdf)

0998 Anixter Center for Rehabilitation Training (pdf)

1587 Behavioral Services Center (pdf)

1801 Community Elements (pdf)

2681 Brighter Behavior Choices, Inc NFP (pdf)

3249 Bridging The Tys To Jordan (pdf)

3545 Yana House (pdf)

3909 Central DuPage Hospital (pdf)

4207 Hard in House (pdf)

4749 Enhanced Clinical Solutions Inc (pdf)

4780 Elite Houses of Sober Living Inc (pdf)

4784 Henry's Sober Living (pdf)

4814 Hope for Tomorrow Inc (pdf)

5192 Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc (pdf)

5202 DeKalb Behavioral Health Foundation (pdf)

5589 New Directions (pdf)

5825 PATS Prevention and Treatment Services (pdf)

5834 Affordable Recovery Housing (pdf)

5889 Emages (pdf)

6036 Abbcon Counseling Corporation (pdf)

6162 Childrens Home Association of Illinois (pdf)

6416 Pillars Community Services (pdf)

7237 Nuway Community Services (pdf)

7531 Claudia and Eddie's Place (pdf)

7624 Family Counseling Center (pdf)

7895 Preferred Family Healthcare Inc (pdf)

7965 Family Counseling Service of Aurora (pdf)

7949 Universal Family Connection (pdf)

8251 LePenseur Youth Services Inc (pdf)

8723 Its About Change Sober Living (pdf)

8835 ABJ Community Services Inc (pdf)

8981 Cornell Interventions Inc (pdf)

9937 Shelby County Community Services Inc (pdf)