July 10, 2017 - Memo to Providers Health and Safety

Illinois Department of Human Services Information Bulletin

Bureau of Accreditation Licensure and CertificationBALC.18 - 001

Health and Safety InspectionsDate: 07/10/2017

Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) Program

Developmental Training (DT) Program


This Information Bulletin serves to inform Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) and Developmental Training (DT) providers of increase visits to assure compliance with "Health and Safety" standards as set forth in 59 Illinois Administrative Code, Rule 115 - Community Integrated Living Arrangements and Rule 119 - Developmental Training and in the Home and Community-Based Services Waiver (1915 DD - Waiver).

Examples of instances that can initiate a health and safety inspection?

  • Licensure Complaint
  • Patterns and Trends identified from OIG complaints
  • No Survey Year(s)
  • BALC/DDD compliance survey history


The Bureau of Accreditation Licensure and Certification is improving its efforts to assure the health and safety of recipients of CILA and DT services. BALC will conduct unannounced visits which may include day program sites as well as CILA homes of recipients. The onsite inspections can be initiated by several factors, inclusive of but not limited to the list above. BALC will issue a "Notice of Violations" (NOV) which will be documented on a "Results of Survey" Form. If the provider receives a "Notice of Violations" (NOV), the provider will have 10 days to submit a Plan of Correction (POC) to BALC. If no violations are noted, the Results of Survey form will be issued stating "No violations found". Other deficiencies or violations observed during a health and safety inspection will be cited and are to be addressed in the POC.

The attached document is inclusive of but not limited to guidance that BALC will follow in conducting the inspection.

Effective Date

These procedures are effective immediately with the release of this Information Bulletin.