Registering Social Services Cases in IES

This Job Aid is designed to help DHS/HFS Social Services staff understand how to process Social Services applications in IES.

Registering an Application

IES Tip: Throughout the application, fields marked with a red star (*) must be completed. Once you have completed entering information on a page, click [Next] to move to the next page in the application flow.

IES Tip: Before registering an application, perform an Individual Inquiry for the Head of Household and all other individuals listed on the application to see if they have an open case. IMPORTANT: The Active column on the Individual Search page indicates if the Individual ID is active in IES, NOT if the customer has an active case. Searching by name and date of birth returns the most accurate results for Individual IDs that are active in IES. If an active match is found, click the name hyperlink in the Search Results to view all associated cases and determine if the individual is already receiving benefits.

Step 1: Begin Application Registration, Record Date Received & Record Address

From Left Navigation, workers select Application Registration - Register an Application.

The Register Application-Application page displays.

Workers complete the Date Received field on the Register Application - Application

page for all manual applications. The Date Received is the date the case is opened and must be a state business/work day.

Register Application - Application

Register Application - Address

IES Tip: Access IES Wizards, helpful step-by-step instruction on completing each page in IES, by clicking the Help icon in the top right-hand corner of each page in IES. Page-level help can also be found by clicking the question mark icon next to the page title.

Helpful Wizards

  • Begin Application Registration
  • Record an Approved Representative
  • Record an Address

Step 2: Select the Type of Application Being Registered

Workers complete the Register Application - Type screen to identify the type of application

being registered. The field Is this a DHS or HFS Social Services Application?: defaults to Yes if the logged in user has the Social Services role.

Register Application - Type

Step 3: Enter Information about the Individual, Including SSN if Known

Workers complete the Register Individual - Individual page. Refer to the Help Wizards below for assistance in completing the Application Registration pages.

Register Individual - Individual

Step 4: Review File Clearance Results to Determine if the Individual Already has an Individual # in IES

The File Clearance - Results page displays individuals with similar names and dates of birth that are already known to IES, along with a percentage match. Determine if the individual is already included in the Master Client Index (MCI) and been assigned an Individual #. Indicate whether or not this is a new individual.

IES Tip: IES returns a score of 100% if all six data elements for an applicant: First and Last Name, Month, Day, and Year of Birth, and SSN are exactly the same as in the MCI.

NOTE: If you get a 100% match, IES will not allow you to establish a new Individual # for the applicant. It assumes that they already have a record in the MCI. Review the matching record to confirm that the applicant and existing client are the same person.

Individual - File Clearance Results

Click [Next]. The Register Individual - Summary page displays. The individual now has an Application Number and an Individual #. If all the information is correct, click [Next].

The Register Application - Clearance Results page displays. This page displays information that was able to be verified about the individual using electronic data sources. Click [Next]. 

Helpful Wizards

  • Record Application Type
  • Register Individuals
  • Record an Alias Name
  • Record a Social Security Claim Number/Railroad Retirement Number
  • Review File Clearance Results
  • Associating Individual Numbers and Case Numbers
  • Use an Existing Individual Number
  • Register Other Individuals
  • View Clearance Results in Application Registration

Step 5: Complete the Social Services and IDOC - Details page

The Social Services and IDOC - Details page collects the necessary information to be sent to the RDB. The MANGP code is automatically generated in the background and sent to the RDB after the application is submitted.

Social Services and IDOC - Details

  1. Complete the following fields, as needed:
    • Is this a DHS Social Services HFS Social Services, or Illinois Department of Corrections application?: Defaults to DHS Social Services if the user has the Social Services role
    • Eligibility Begin Date: The date will default to today's date.IES will automatically backdate coverage by 3 months. The 3 month backdate does not appear in IES but can be confirmed in MMIS
    • Eligibility End Date: This field is not required for DHS Social Services applications. The date auto populates to the date of death if the Date of Death field is entered. This field is also used to extend eligibility
    • Existing RIN#: Displays the individual's RIN # if the individual was established as an existing individual
    • Temporary RIN#: Leave blank
  2. Complete the following fields within the Facility/Provider Information section, as needed:
    • Facility/Provider #: Use the search icon to find the Facility. The Facility/Provider # will auto populate
    • Date Entered Facility: This field is not required for DHS Social Services applications
    • Facility/Provider Name: The Facility/Provider Name auto populates
    • Date of Death: Enter the date of death for the individual
    • Date Left Facility: This field is not required for DHS Social Services applications
  3. Click [Add]. The results display at the bottom of the page.

4. Review the following columns at the bottom of the page for accuracy before proceeding in the driver flow.

  • Facility/Provider #
  • Facility/Provider Name
  • Facility Type
  • Date Entered Facility
  • Date of Death
  • Date Left Facility

 IES Tip: To edit information that was entered click the Edit Icon for the individual whose information needs to be updated. Then click [Update]. The information displays at the bottom of the page.

5. Click [Next]. The Register Application - Summary page displays.

Step 4: Complete the Registration Application - Summary

This is the final page in application registration. Click [Assign]. The [Submit] button is activated. Click [Submit]. IES displays a "Submission Successful" message.

Congratulation! Application Registration is Complete!

IES Tip: To search for an existing customer or update an application, click on the Maintain Application link in Left Navigation. Workers can search for customers using name, SSN, Individual # or Application #.