Juvenile Justice Training and Technical Assistance & Support (18-444-80-1269-02) Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and Answers for the Juvenile Justice Training and Technical Assistance & Support (JJTTAS NoFO)

  1. Subcontractors are requested to complete the uniform budget template and worksheet, provide a W-9 and an approved NICRA, if charging indirect costs. Is an independent contractor considered a subcontractor? Several training consultants are individuals that charge a flat rate that is inclusive of their time, travel and curriculum materials. As such, there is really no budget for them to prepare. Does this also apply to an organization that simply charges a flat fee for its services?
    From the GATA Budget Instructions Manual in CSA - located under the Help tab
    (link: Training Manual)
    • A Subaward is an award provided by your organization to a subrecipient for the subrecipient to carry out part of this project, including a portion of the scope of work or objectives. It does not include payments to a contractor or payments to an individual that is a beneficiary the program.
    • A Contract is a legal instrument by which your organization purchases property or services needed to carry out the project or program under this award.
    • A checklist is available on the GATA website in this regard (link: Checklist). Please remember than in using such a document the word 'federal' would need replaced with the word 'state' in each instance - so when it says "federal award" we would read it as "state award, and so on).
    • Also, the following may help in a more simple sense.
      • Professional services can be defined as unique, technical, and/or infrequent functions performed by an independent contractor/vendor qualified by education, experience, and/or technical ability to provide services.
      • In most cases, these services are of a specific project nature, and are not a continuing, ongoing responsibility of the institution.
      • The services rendered are predominately intellectual in character, even though the contractor may not be required to be licensed.
    • Subcontractor vs. Vendor
      An Organization is considered to be a sub-recipient of an award (or subcontractor) when it:
      • Determines who is eligible to receive financial assistance;
      • Has its performance measured against whether the objectives of the program are met;
      • Has responsibility for programmatic decision-making;
      • Has responsibility for adherence to applicable program compliance requirements;
      • Uses the funds to carry out a program of the organization as compared to providing goods
    • In contrast, an Organization is considered a vendor when it:
      • Provides goods and services within normal business operations;
      • Provides similar goods and services to many different purchasers;
      • Operates in a competitive environment;
      • Provides goods or services that are ancillary to the operation of the program;
      • Is not subject to compliance requirements of the program.
  2. I'm experiencing errors when entering the FY18 budget into the new CSA system. Can I submit a paper copy of our budget with our application instead of entering into CSA system?
    Many Providers entered their budgets without any issues in CSA, however some Providers experienced various problems with the system. As of today (4/26/17), the budget issues have been corrected. Providers will need to submit all other required documents prior to due date along with submitting a paper version of the budget (in excel or pdf) with their budget application. Once the Provider has been selected to be a recipient of the funding, a budget MUST be entered in the CSA system.
  3. I can't find the 3-page required Uniform Grant Application form. Can someone please send me the form?
    The link to the form is Uniform Grant Application (remember each offering will have a unique CSFA Title and number). All Community and Positive Youth Development grants can be searched at the following link: DHS: Family and Community Services Grant Information - for FY2018.