Questions and Answers for Opioid STR - OMT (17-444-26-1538-01)

Q: Am I filling out the application for 2 months of FY17 and 12 months of FY18?

A: The initial funding is anticipated to be in FY17. The Application is for FY17, and should also state what the 12 months of FY18 funding is being requested. The FY18 will also require a separate Uniform Grant Application (3 pages) and a Fixed Rate budget which will be entered into the CSA Tracking System and a Programmatic Risk Assessment.

Q: We have clients receiving Methadone from a Federal grant through a FQHC. Funding for the program will end in June.  Can we use Opioid STR OMT funding to provide OMT services to the clients that will no longer have funding, or do we have to detox the clients and make them wait 30 days before they would be eligible to be new clients under Opioid STR OMT so we are not supplanting?

A: If the clients no longer have funding and will not be able to continue to receive services, this is not considered supplanting.  Opioid STR OMT is to expand available treatment capacity.  If the capacity is shrinking, you can apply for Opioid STR OMT and it will be reviewed with all the other Opioid STR OMT applications.  Evidence for funding need should be specified in Populations of Focus and Statement of Need (20 points).

Q: Summary info page says anticipated awards 20. Award range $12,500 - $75,000. So 20 awards at $75,000 is $1.5 million. Is The $3,000,000 really $1.5 million over a 2 year period? Or is it $3,000,000 per year for 2 years?

A: The FY17 award amounts are anticipated to be between 12,500 and 75,000. FY17 ends June 30, 2017 so the awards will only be for a month or 2 depending on when the state is awarded the Federal grant. July 1 will be the beginning of FY18. The full year funding for all the OMT will be $3,000,000.

Q: Page 5 says: "There is no maximum or minimum award to a qualified organization within the limit of available funding". Does that mean we can go over the $75,000 award range?

A: Any amount that is requested will have to be justified and will be viewed against the other requests. The Amount being requested for FY17, and the amount for FY18 should be specified.

Q: Our agency just received the three-year CARF accreditation and we are currently working on submission of the application to DASA to add OMT services to our existing license. There is no way we can receive a license by the RFP's due date. Does the current funding have any exception that will allow us to apply for the grant?

A: Unfortunately, no. The expectation is for awardees to begin admissions to the expanded OMT services within 14 days of Notice of a State Grant Award (NOSA), and to reach their established static capacity within 60 days of notice of a grants award. This will not be possible if your license is not yet in place.