HBS Workgroup

Stakeholder Workgroup Convened

The Division of Developmental Disabilities convened a stakeholder workgroup to review the Home Based Services (HBS) program and make recommendations to update and improve the service to align with federal regulations and ensure a person centered planning process. The group was comprised of advocates, family members, Independent Service Coordination agencies, Membership Associations, and Division staff. The workgroup first met on 7/12/16 and identified issues from all stakeholders' perspectives in regards to the Home Based Services program. Subcommittees were formed in the following areas: Service Facilitation, Data, Guidelines/Oversight, and System Issues. These subcommittees met through August and September and made recommendations related to their subgroup. Final recommendations were submitted to the Division in October of 2016. Additional meetings were held in December and January with committee members and Division Senior Management Staff to clarify and discuss recommendations. The link to the final recommendations and the Division's response is posted below.

HBS Public Recommendations Final