1253 - Q&A (Program 785)

Question: Is there some flexibility regarding the location in the NOFO? We have several landlords we work with that are within 2 blocks from each other, and within the same 2 blocks as our office. These landlords own buildings on side streets of Grand Avenue, so public transportation is accessible and there is a grocery store right across the street.

Answer: Cluster Housing needs to be in a geo area where there are a volume of Class Members who may want to live in the area and we know they will want to access the units. Class Members have choice to pick geo areas and very few are choosing to move to Franklin Park.

Question: As long as there is 24/7 access to staff, does that suffice? Or is the requirement the same as in the Supervised Residential, that a staff member be onsite and awake 24/7?

Answer: Staff are to be accessible to the cluster site (in a staff office) 24 hours a day. And, yes assumedly awake. They need to be able to immediately respond.

Question: Will the Williams members have a rental subsidy and funds to furnish the apartments?

Answer: These are leased held apartments that are under a Master Lease between Catholic Charities and the landlord. However, the Class Member holds the lease and is responsible for tenancy under tenant/landlord law. They are also responsible for paying 30% of income toward the total rental amount. There is a bridge subsidy that pays for the remaining balance of the rental amount.