Strategic Prevention Framework - Partnerships for Success

The Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success (SPF-PFS) grant supports providers and their multi-sector coalitions in using the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process to reduce past 30-day alcohol use rates and negative consequences of underage drinking among 8th to 12th graders. The SPF is a five-step planning process to guide the selection, implementation, and evaluation of effective, culturally appropriate, and sustainable substance abuse prevention activities. The effectiveness of this process begins with a clear understanding of community needs and depends on the involvement of community members in all stages of the planning process. The SPF components are assessment, capacity building, strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation. Cultural competency and sustainability are expected to be included in every component of the framework.

The SPF-PFS program supports providers and their multi-sector coalitions in planning for and delivering services in communities that have higher rates of underage drinking compared to the state average. Providers and their coalitions develop local strategic plans to address underage drinking within their targeted community areas. Sub-recipients will use a data-driven process to reduce underage drinking at the community level by (1) working with a local, multi-sector coalition, (2) completing a needs assessment process that will inform the development of a strategic plan, (3) developing a local strategic plan, and (4) delivering evidence-based strategies. In future years, the evidence-based strategies will continue to be implemented along with related prevention activities that include working toward sustainability, recruiting and securing participation of schools in the administration of the Illinois Youth Survey, and participating in all evaluation aspects of the project.