GRF Walk-Up

GRF Walk to DHS FY18 Introduced Budget

(All Numbers in Thousands)

GRF FY17 Estimated Spending

Category Total Line Item
GRF FY17Estimated Spending $3,962,062.1

GRF FY18 Introduced Budget

Category Total Line Item
Developmental Disabilities $17,481.9
Ligas Annualization & New Placements $25,600.0
DCFS CILAs Annualization & New Placements $2,471.6
GRF Shift to 509 Fund ($2,000.0)
Discontinue ARC of Illinois Life Span Project ($459.6)
Discontinue Best Buddies ($953.1)
Shift DD Dental Grants Funding Source ($961.4)
Discontinue Epilepsy Grants ($2,023.1)
Discontinue Project for Autism ($4,192.5)
Family & Community Services $91,602.8
Child Care Increase $70,887.1
Child Care Federal Reauthorization $75,000.0
Child Care Monitoring $20,000.0
Early Intervention Increased Caseloads $4,000.0
Child Care Health & Safety $500.0
SEIU Health Insurance Payment Increase $141.7
Eliminate Project Cornerstone Appropriation ($184.8)
Child Care GRF Shift to 408 Fund ($18,264.6)
Discontinue Addiction Prevention ($1,003.8)
Discontinue Children's Place Funding ($371.7)
Discontinue Community Services Funding ($5,380.4)
Discontinue Emergency Food Program ($210.0)
Discontinue Funeral & Burial Services ($8,775.0)
Shift Homeless Prevention Funding Source ($975.0)
Discontinue Immigrant Integration ($5,884.1)
Reduce Supportive Housing ($9,429.4)
Discontinue Teen Parent Services ($1,359.9)
Discontinue Welcoming Centers ($1,461.5)
Discontinue Westside Health Authority Crisis Intervention ($286.0)
Discontinue Youth Employment Programs ($12,187.5)
Discontinue After School Youth Programs ($13,152.3)
Mental Health $104.3
Williams Annualization & New Placements $2,200.0
Forensic Capacity at Elgin $3,000.0
Discontinue MH BIPP Funding due to Grant Expiration ($5,095.7)
Rehabilitation Services ($2,367.8)
Discontinue DRS BIPP Funding due to Grant Expiration ($2,349.9)
Discontinue Case Services Migrant Worker (consolidated into larger state match line) ($17.9)
DHS Grants & Operations ($114,114.9)
GATA Support $803.9
EDP-DoIT Services $9,737.9
Discontinue Support Services In-Service Training ($14.5)
Reduction in ERP Payments ($9,142.2)
Eliminate One-time Deposit into Commitment to Human Services Fund ($51,000.0)
Reduction in CMS Payments for prior year liabilities ($64,500.0)
FY18 Proposed Growth over FY17 Estimated Spending ($7,293.7)
Department of Human Services General Revenue Fund Governor's Proposed $3,954,768.4