0231 - Q&A

Questions and Answers will be posted on this page for the Crisis Staffing Notice of Funding Opportunity

I have several questions about the application process for NOFO applications. My questions pertain to information under the Application Procedure:

QUESTION:#2 - References a "face page" and that all "application copies must bear original signature."  Is a face page provided for us and if not, what should be included on the face page?

ANSWER:Page 1 is the "face page" that has been completed by the Division of Mental Health. The Grantee must complete page 2 and page 3 of the Grant Application. The Grantee must sign and date the Grant Application.

QUESTION:Do original signed pages need mailed or do you accept a scanned copy? There is no mention about submitting original signed copies other than emailing the application to DHS.grantapp@illinois.gov

ANSWER:  Page 3 must be signed and dated; however, when the packet is scanned as 1 document and emailed to dhs.grantapp@illinois.gov, the scanned signature is accepted.  Please keep the original for your records.

QUESTION:  #1 & 4 - Letters of Support are mentioned but not included in the mandatory forms/attachments. Are Letters of Support required or encouraged?If we include any, are they part of the 10 page limit?

ANSWER: Letters of support are not required.  They are not part of the 10 page limit.

QUESTION:  On the GA I saw a Program Narrative template attached to the GA that shows the narrative requirement with "Score (1-5) " listed before each section and followed by "RESPONSE". Is that the one we should use or is it the one DHS staff will use when reviewing our application and score our proposal?

ANSWER:  That is the template to use as the Grantees applies for the funding opportunity.  When the applications come in, the merit based review team will use the scoring right on the application provided.