0635 - Q&A

Questions and Answers will be posted on this page for the Psychiatric Medications Notice of Funding Opportunity

1.  Question:  If a provider agency has a long standing contract for "574-Psychiatric Medications," for example, but believes it can appropriately (per the 0635 Psych Meds exhibits) utilize additional Psychiatric Medications monies for FY18 onward, may they apply for additional monies through this NOFO?

Or does their current status as a 574 Psych Meds contract holder preclude their applying for 18-444-22-0635-01?

OR… is this NOFO a replacement of previous grants for each of these monies usages?

ANSWER: The Provider may apply for additional monies. If there is a NOFO for a specific program, such at 574 Psych Meds, a current contract holder still needs to respond to the NOFO. Their current status does not preclude them from applying for 18-444-22-0365-01. Responding to the NOFO is the new method of procuring the same services they have been providing, and they'll need to respond to the NOFO(s) if they want to continue to receive funding to provide the services.

2.  Question:  Or do they just need to reapply for their old contracts, possibly with grant amount adjustments, through this NOFO?

ANSWER:  They need to respond to any NOFO they are interested in applying for, whether or not they have an existing contract to perform those services.

3.  Question:  Currently, my organization has administered the Crisis Staffing and Psychiatric Medication grants for the past two fiscal years. Should we still respond to the NOFO for these grants or is there a separate process to renew?

ANSWER:  Yes, you should still respond to a NOFO for any grants you are interested in, such as Crisis Staffing and Psychiatric Medications. There is not a separate process to renew. This is the new method of procuring the same services you have been providing, and you'll need to respond to any NOFO(s) posted that you are interested in if you want to continue to receive funding needed to provide the services.

4.  Question:  Under Capacity Section:  While usually the accounts payable staff handle all of the adjudication of payments, reconciliation, etc……WHAT ARE YOU WANTING…..the names and licenses of our docs?

ANSWER:  The Grantee needs to demonstrate the ability to fulfill the deliverables per the exhibit.