1484 - Q&A

Questions and Answers will be posted on this page for The Living Room Notice of Funding Opportunity

1.  Question:  Will there be a bidders conference scheduled for this grant announcement?

ANSWER:  There are no technical sessions (i.e. bidders conference) offered for the Notice of Funding Opportunity.

2.  Question:  Is it possible to combine two NOFOs in one proposal (e.g., Living Room and Capitated Community Care) to carry the objectives of both while ensuring that the critical/essential components of an evidence-based Living Room program are included?  Please advise.

ANSWER:  You must apply for each NOFO individually.  They cannot be combined into one proposal. 

3.  Question:The summary information states that $261,100.00 will be available, but Section B., Funding Information, states that approximately $111,300 in total funding will be available. Would you kindly clarify?

ANSWER:  The NOFO has been updated to reflect $261,100.00.