WAG 21-02-10: High School Equivalency/GED for Adults

PM 21-02-10

  1. New Manual MaterialWhen the client is approved to participate in High School Equivalency/GED program, provide the client with a copy of the RSP. Also give them a supply of Responsibility and Services Plan Attendance and Activity Report forms (Form IL 444-4006) unless other procedures have been established to verify attendance with the school.
  2. New Manual MaterialExplain participation requirements to the client. Tell them to submit completed Form IL 444-4006's at least monthly.
  3. New Manual MaterialTell the client they must submit verification of satisfactory progress at the end of each academic term. Satisfactory progress is determined by written policy of the school or program. The client is responsible for submitting the progress report unless it is submitted by the school.
  4. New Manual MaterialBe sure the client understands activity requirement policy; tell them about the cash penalties for failure and refusal to cooperate.
  5. New Manual MaterialWhen entering the RSP in WVS, check the box Education Related to Employment under the Secondary Non-Core Activities (Section B) to engage a customer in High School Equivalency/GED Program for Adults. On the RSP, enter the weekly hours that the client actually attends school. The Responsibility and Services Plan Attendance and Activity Report (A&A), IL 444-4006, which will be ready to view the next day, will systematically give the client one hour of study time for every hour they attend the program. In the CDB, hours of school attendance are displayed in Item 60, Activity Code 356, Education Related to Employment.
  6. new manual materialIf supportive services for transportation costs are being given so the client may attend school, it must be manually entered on the L screen.
  7. New Manual MaterialAt the end of each term, review the client's progress by examining their progress in the program. If the client is not making satisfactory progress according to the policy that was determined by the school or program, then revise the RSP to remove them from that activity and place them in a new activity.