NEW-R(Nutrition Exercise & Wellness for Recovery)

This communication is to introduce the NEW-R(Nutrition Exercise and Wellness for Recovery) program to all agency personnel. This Evidenced Based Program originated with SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration) as a resource for improving physical and mental health with the clients we serve and is in keeping with the DMH vision of integrated care and utilizing Evidenced Based Practice Programs. The program consists of 8 sessions lasting for approximately 90 minutes. The program comes with a facilitator's manual, participant manual and a set of exercise videos for each session. There is no cost involved except for staff time in leading the group. The program focus on healthier food choices and increased physical activity for overall better health. While the program is held in a small group setting the aim is for individualized wellness and recovery goals. DMH has held one day facilitator trainings in Regions 3,4, and 5. We will be planning a facilitator training in Regions 1 and 2 in the near future and ongoing trainings in Regions 3,4, and 5 and will publicize those. A person has to attend a one day facilitator training to qualify for leading a group. Some groups have already started in the IPS Transformation Grant Pilot sites and Regions 4 and 5. The groups originated with the IPS Transformation Grant pilot sites at Thresholds and Trilogy agencies and the dissemination plan will include participation by all IPS and community agency sites. We will keep you informed as details emerge as to the roll out across the state. For more information please contact: Charlotte Kauffman,

(217) 786-0280.

Thank you.