Question and Answers for TDF Healthcare RFA

Illinois Department of Human Services
RFA for Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS), Division of Mental Health
The IDHS Treatment and Detention Facility (TDF)

Question 1: Do you expect the current payment situation, in which the vendor was not paid any FY16 invoices until August 2016, 14 months after providing services, to continue during the Budget impasse?

Response: Unknown

Question 2: In the absence of a State Budget for FY2017, how will a vendor be paid for services and be reimbursed for expenses provided under the new contract?

It was stated at the Vendor Conference that a State Budget may not be passed for 24 months; does this mean that a vendor would not be paid for 24 months? Given the current State Budget crisis, what will be the sequence of payments for past and future services under the new contract? Will the State obligate funds to pay off invoices accrued by the current vendor first before paying for services moving forward with the new vendor? (I'm not sure we want to ask this question, given that we do not know how it will be answered) It would be good to see what the thinking is but if they say no then it would be encouragement that a new vendor would be given preference.

Response: Unknown

Question 3: If payments for services provided under the new contract are not appropriated, would the vendor under the new contract be forced to seek payment by going to the Court of Claims?

Response: We are hopeful that this does not happen, but that is one option.

Question 4: If a new vendor takes over the contract, will the new vendor be obligated to follow the Union's current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or will this contract be operated under a new CBA?

Response: That would be between the vendor and union.

Question 5: Once a State Budget is passed, what is the expected timeline for the obligation of funds for this contract and the receipt of payment by the vendor for services provided? Will the State's current bill backlog of nearly $10 Billion impact the timing of these payments to the vendor?

Response: Unknown

Question 6: Does the IDHS require Applicants to submit their Technical and Pricing proposals in separately sealed envelopes? Does any other part of the application need to be sealed separately from the Technical proposal?

Response: Yes, please submit the technical proposal and pricing proposal in separate sealed envelopes. No other application needs to be sealed separately.

Question 7: If all pricing must be sealed separately, should the Minorities and Veteran Vendor Lists, discussed in Part 1, § T and U, be included in the Pricing proposal, or do you want these lists sealed separately from the both the Technical and Pricing proposals?

Response: The Minorities and Veterans list should be placed in the technical proposal and pricing proposals, sealed separately.

Question 8: How many copies of the application are required and in what format do you require the submission (e.g., hardcopy(s), flash drive(s), CD(s), etc.)? Please clarify.

Response: IDHS requires four hard copies and 2 flash drives or CDs.

Question 9: Are there currently any services provided via telehealth?

Answer: Yes.

Question 10: If yes, please specify types of services and frequency/volume.

Answer: Once a month for residents on dialysis.

Question 11: If no, would the TDF be open to this option?

Answer: Even though the answer was yes, TDF would be interested in increasing telehealth usage.

Question 12: How many dialysis treatments, on average, are conducted weekly?

Answer: Currently we have 4 residents that receive dialysis 3 times per week.

Question 13: Please provide a copy of any collective bargaining agreements covering medical services employees.

Answer: Proprietary of current vendor and AFSCME.

Question 14: Please clarify the number of dental and dental assistant hours to be proposed weekly in the alternative services.

Answer: The hours for the dentist and dental assistant will be increased to 40 hours each per week. The hours of work will be flexible as mutually agreed between DHS and vendor.

Question 15: Please identify any staffing agencies currently used by the incumbent provider.

Answer: Unknown to DHS.

Question 16: Please provide a copy of the original contract with the incumbent for healthcare services and any subsequent amendments.

Answer: See attached: Health Contract 07/11/16 - 12/31/16 (pdf)

Question 17: What is the projected contract start date? Answer: April 1, 2017