Relocation of Northern FCRC (233) and Creation of North Suburban FCRC (243)

Illinois Department of Human Services


Information Memo


  •  Effective November 7, 2016, the Northern FCRC (233) is being divided into two offices.
  •  The Northern FCRC (233) is being relocated, and a new FCRC is being created, North Suburban FCRC (243).
  •  Copies of the notices announcing the changes are attached.

The Northern FCRC (233) is being divided into two offices. The Northern FCRC (233) is being relocated. CN 16.11/CN 16.11S (pdf) is attached. The North Suburban FCRC (243) is being created.  CN 16.12/CN 16.12S (pdf) is attached.

[signed copy on file]

James T. Dimas

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Forms Referenced:

CN 16.11/CN 16.11S

CN 16.12/CN 16.12S