PM 04-06-01: When to Split a Case in IES

new textIn the following situations, cases should be split in IES even though they have the same head of household/payee.

Programs Message or Action
HBWD, VC or BCC that requests cash or SNAP A case split message appears on the certification page requiring the worker to split the HBWD, VC or BCC component onto a separate IES case.
LTC (NH and SLF)

An application or case for a person in a LTC facility should always be single person cases, even if they contain 2 spouses who reside in the same facility.

The only time there should be more than one person on the case is when a community spouse or dependent is listed as a non-requester for the purpose of an income or resource diversion.

An IES case split message has been requested, however it may not appear until after Phase 2 implementation.

Multiple cash EDGs (AABD, RRP & TANF, or more than 1 AABD cash)

This message appears on the certification page:

Multiple Cash EDGs can't be certified on the same case. Please navigate to the program request page, withdraw the cash request for the individual(s) and split the case.

Multiple SNAP EDGs or multiple TANF EDGs Not possible on the same IES case.
MFTD Waiver Recipients Medical cases for persons approved for the Medically Fragile Technology Dependent (MFTD) waiver continue to be certified and maintained by the DHS Bureau of Local Office Transactions and Support Services, CO 238, unless they are included in a TANF case (see PM 06-11-01).

Note: A case is split only when the same application can be used to determine eligibility for all of the cases involved. When the same application cannot be used to determine eligibility for all of the cases involved, persons who need to apply separately are denied. See PM 02-04-03 for more information about who can sign an application.

  • Example: Mom applies for herself and her 21 year old son. Neither Mom, nor her son are tax filers. They both potentially qualify for the ACA Adult program. Since they are not part of the same tax filer household, the adult son must file a separate application.