Heads Up on Housing: 2/12/2016

Below are Statewide Referral Network (SRN) units that are currently available. These units don't have any persons on our online waiting list or PreScreening, Assessment, Intake & Referral (PAIR) module that have selected to live in these communities and fit the criteria.

These aren't the only SRN units available, just the units that don't currently have referrals. In order for your consumers to have access to all of the available SRN units every month, they have to be entered into the PAIR module or waiting list. Please make it a habit to add all of the individuals you are working with to find affordable housing to the waiting list that is within the ILHousingSearch.org website!

The Evanston Senior Redevelopment property located at 1900 Sherman Avenue in Evanston Illinois currently has 1 bedroom accessible units available to Williams, Ligas, Colbert and Money Follows the Person participants and other peoples with disabilities. Be sure to place eligible persons onto the waiting list today!

Section 811 Bloomington-Normal Scattered Sites has one 3 bedroom unit available at 400 E. Locust in Bloomington, IL to Colbert, Ligas, MFP and Williams class members ONLY. Please take advantage of this opportunity by signing up your class members today!

If you're working with individuals 55 + and over, sign them up for the SRN waitlist now! We have multiple Senior Units ONLY that we can fill today!

Reminder - Have your individual prepare for the housing application by having all required documents in order prior to filling out the application. These documents can include, but aren't limited to:

  1. Valid State ID or Driver's License
  2. Social Security Card
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Proof of Income (e.g. Award letter from Social Security)
  5. Letter signed by a doctor or nursing facility staff that indicates the person can be released from the nursing facility

If you have Housing, SRN or Section 811 PRA questions, email or call at Lore.Baker@illinois.gov/ 217-782-6865 or Alexis.DeWeese@illinois.gov/ 217-557-3095