Residential Program

Illinois School for the Visually Impaired (ISVI) Residential Program

Who takes care of the students in the residential dormitories?

  • The dormitories are staffed twenty-four hours a day by trained residential care staff. The staff are trained in child development as well as other related areas.

Is there a cost for living in the dormitory?

  • No, there is no cost for living in the dormitory. Students are responsible for their own spending money. Parents may deposit money for their students in the ISVI Trust Fund. Students may then receive a weekly allowance from the Trust Fund.

What can students have in their dormitory rooms?

  • Each dormitory room has a closet, bed, dresser, desk, chair and lamp. ISVI provides linens, however students are welcome to bring their own personal linens if they choose. Students are encouraged to decorate their dormitory rooms to their individual taste.

What kind of activities are available in the dormitories?

  • The dormitory tries to provide the students with a homelike atmosphere and a variety of family type activities i.e. trips to ball games, concerts, shopping malls, and other such activities. Students have parties and other social activities throughout the school year. While in the dormitories, students develop both social skills and independent living skills.

Do students have access to computers in the dormitory?

  • Yes! All dormitories have computer access available in each student's room or their apartment--in the Transitional Living Center.

Is Internet access available in the dormitories?

  • Yes, Internet access is available in the dormitories. Students may access the Internet in dormitories, but ISVI terminates all students' user-account access at 9:00 p.m. each evening.

For further information, please contact:

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