FY 16 - CSA Payments

Dear CSA User,

After several weeks of around-the-clock work at DHS, FY16 CSA payments are underway and can be expected in the near future. In order for the Illinois Office of the Comptroller to make a payment, a contract must be obligated to the appropriate fund and vouchers must match that approved obligation.

As we noted in the July 14 message, the funding mechanism in the stopgap budget required over 900 FY16 CSAs to be deobligated from the General Revenue Fund and reobligated to the Commitment to Human Services Fund. The vouchers to request payments against the stopgap appropriations then need to be amended to match the new funding source. This necessary but tedious multi-step process, performed on programs and equipment that is not designed for such a task, has required countless hours from program, budget, fiscal, and information and technology staff.

DHS can report that 570 CSAs are now obligated appropriately under the stopgap budget at the Illinois Office of the Comptroller. We expect that the remainder should be obligated by the end of this week. Some amended vouchers requesting payments against reobligated contracts have already been sent to the Illinois Office of the Comptroller, and many more will be sent each day.

Thank you again for the dedication you have shown during this difficult year. We ask for patience as we work to complete the process of payment for FY16 services provided via CSAs.

If you have additional questions regarding this process, please contact your contract manager. Again we thank you for your continued partnership.


James T. Dimas


Illinois Department of Human Services