August 25th- Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call

Please plan to join on August 25, 2016 for our next Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call for 2016! Our theme this year is "Exploring the Possibilities in 2016!" These educational forums place an emphasis on sharing successful tools and strategies for wellness. This month's focus is "Exploring the Possibilities of Stretching Our Money!"

Individuals are welcome to dial in from a personal phone or from home. However, if dialing in from an agency or other organization, to help reduce the cost, please gather and dial-in together. Remember to provide the moderator with your name, the agency you are representing (if applicable), and the number of persons listening in from your location.


DATE: August 25, 2016

TIME: 10:00am - 11:30am [Note: Please dial in no earlier than 9:45am, per audio-conferencing regulations]

TOPIC: Exploring the Possibilities of Stretching Our Money!

OBJECTIVES: Participants will learn about: Rethinking the word money; Doing more with less (thriftiness); Navigating resources (social security/public aid, etc.); Steps in making a budget; and How to find educators who can help with budgeting and using financial tools.

DIAL-IN NUMBER: 1-866-233-3845

ACCESS CODE: (None Required)

MEETING TITLE: Recovery & Empowerment Statewide Call

SPEAKERS: Rhonda Keck, Ashley Warren, Shawna

You will be on hold with music until the host opens the conference call. If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please press "0" from your phone during the audio conference.

As a courtesy to others and to improve sound quality, please mute your phone when not speaking.


Note: These calls have been held monthly since 2007, and were formerly known as "consumer education and support statewide call-ins."

For all persons living with mental health conditions and receiving mental health services, this call is for you! The call contains specific information relative to consumers of mental health services. This call is uniquely and specifically designed to provide education and support for all individuals participating in publicly funded mental health services in Illinois.


Staff are welcome to listen in as well. However, the primary purpose of the call is to ensure that individuals participating in services have an opportunity to receive information, ask questions, and provide input.