03.03.17 - Admnistration of Medication §1302.47 (b)(7)

ADMNISTRATION OF MEDICATION - (03.03.17/4-19) §1302.47 (b)(7)

1. Storage and Distribution:

Keep all medicines under lock and key in labeled boxes.

Each morning, parents or bus aides bring children's medicine to the Health Coordinator, and she will be responsible to receive the medicine and record all necessary information on the "Medication" form. The HSC will check the label for: name of child, date prescribed, name of medicine, dose to be given, need for refrigeration. She will send a clipboard with all "Medication" forms for the day to each classroom along with the medicine itself.

2. Administration:

The teacher or HSC will give the medicine according to directions on the form, and will record the times & amounts. The completed "Medication" note will be sent home with the child at the end of the day. Also at the end of the day, teachers will send the clipboard with the completed "Medication" forms back to the HSC , who will file them in the children's files.

3. Signs of allergic reaction

Observe children for the following signs of allergic reaction after the administration of medicine:



difficulty breathing,



If the child shows any of these signs, follow emergency procedures immediately. Use first-aid measures only while awaiting emergency help.

Non-prescription drugs

Over-the-counter medicine can't be given at the center without doctor's orders and parents' permission. Label this medicine with individual child's name and dosage information and notify parents with the same "Medication" form.