03.03.12 - Tornado Warning Procedures §1302.47(b)(8)

TORNADO WARNING PROCEDURES - (03.03.12/4-19) §1302.47(b)(8)

The center receives information about weather conditions by_____________________________________________________________________

Everyone in the building will be advised to take cover by

Teachers take children to the designated area,
______________________________________________________________________________, away from windows and with their backs to the walls. Place infants in the evacuation crib if the designated area is outside the classroom. If you have left the classroom, one teacher carries the attendance clipboard and takes roll. Help children sit on the floor with heads down and arms covering their heads. Teachers also assume the position. Teachers with infants hold them or place them on the floor next to them.

Kitchen and office personnel also take cover in their designated areas.

Everyone remains in this area until an all-clear is given by the director or coordinator.

If there is tornado damage, call 911.


If there is a tornado warning, center staff will call the bus driver on the two-way radio.

If there is a warning for the area where the bus is traveling, stop or retreat at right angles to the storm's path, if you can determine where it is. DO NOT attempt to outrun a tornado which is bearing down on the bus.

If there is no escape route available:

  • Evacuate the bus.
  • Take the children to the nearest ditch or depression on the storm side, far enough away from the bus so that it will not roll over onto them. Avoid areas with trees. Don't go under an overpass.
  • Help the children lie down flat and cover their heads with their arms.
  • If there is no time to evacuate the children, have them stay in their seat belts, put their heads on their knees and cover their heads with their arms.
  • If there is a house or shelter near enough to reach, take cover there, in an inside room on the lowest floor or a basement. Cover children with cushions or blankets if there is time.

After the tornado has passed, look for further funnel clouds. If there are none, return to the bus for protection from rain and hail.