Secretary Dimas letter re: CSA System

Dear CSA Users,

The General Assembly has passed a stop-gap budget (Public Act 99-0524) that includes a mix of appropriations authorizing IDHS to pay for FY16 and FY17 specified community services. Due to the uniqueness of the stop-gap budget, there are several changes that must be made to our accounting system and our practices in order to pay for the services you provided. This message is being sent to all IDHS providers, but some providers may not be affected by this. Before IDHS can submit FY16 vouchers for payment, existing CSA obligations must be moved from FY16 GRF appropriations onto the stop-gap appropriations. This will occur in two steps.

  1. An email notification generated from the CSA System will inform you that your FY16 CSA contract amount has been reduced (in most cases to zero). This is the first step in moving the FY16 CSA obligations onto the stop-gap appropriations (Commitment to Human Services Fund - the 0644 Fund). This reduction of your contract amount is a technical step necessary to the process and does not impact the actual amount of your FY16 payments.
  2. DHS will complete system modifications to the CSA Tracking System necessary to submit vouchers. You may receive a second email notification regarding the modification of your FY16 contract to reflect the move of funding onto the stop-gap appropriations.

Step 1 will begin next week. The program changes necessary for Step 2 have begun. We will send an updated timeline after Step 1 is complete.

Thank you for the dedication you have shown during this difficult year. We ask for patience as we work through the implementation of the stop-gap budget.

If you have additional questions regarding this process, please contact your contract manager. Again, we thank you for your continued partnership.