PM 18-05-07-b: Medical Extension Quarterly Reviews (Form 3361)

WAG 18-05-07-b

new textPer federal regulations, persons who receive extended medical due to new or increased earned income are required to complete and return the Medical Extension (ME) review form (HFS 3361) to continue to qualify for ME after the initial 6 months. 

  • Form 3361 is centrally generated in the third and sixth months of the 12 month ME certification period, and are due back in the 4th and 7th months respectively.
  • If the client does not cooperate with the 4th month report (or no longer meets ME requirements),  the adults no longer qualify for ME beginning with the 7th month of the ME certification period.
  • If the client does not cooperate with the 7th month report (or no longer meets ME requirements), the adults no longer qualify for ME beginning with the 8th month of the ME certification period.

An adult continues to qualify for Medical Extension after the first 6 months, and for the remainder of the 12 month period, if they:

  • still have a dependent child at home who was included in the first 6-month extension, and
  • have earnings that are less than 185% of the federal poverty level, and
  • have not quit work without good cause.

If the extended medical ends during the 12-month period, any person under age 19 remains eligible under Continuous Eligibility policy per PM 18-05-01.

Adults may be added back to a Medical Extension case when they cooperate and still qualify (see PM 18-05-07-a).

new textIncome Change on Medical Extension with SNAP

For Medical Extension, verification is not required when the client reports an income change on the 3361 form.

If the case contains SNAP, a VCL for SNAP only may be required when reported income is different than what was being budgeted on the SNAP EDG. If the verified income is different from what the client reported on the 3361, it will affect the Medical Extension only if it's over 185% of FPL. If it's under 185%, the adult continues to qualify for ME.