DMH Executive Staff

David Albert, PhD - Director 

401 South Clinton Street, 2nd Floor

Chicago, Illinois 60607 


600 East Ash Street, Building 500

Springfield, Illinois 62703

Rebecca Paz - Executive Assistant
Voice: 312-814-4822

Ryan Rollinson, LCSW - Chief of Staff

Dona Williams - COS Administrative Assistant
Voice: 312-793-1009

Lisa Betz, LCSW - Deputy Director of Child and Adolescent Services

Sharon Coleman, PsyD - Deputy Director of Forensic & Justice Services

Brock Dunlap - Deputy Director of Business Policy and Fiscal Operations

Megan Miller-Attang, LCSW - Deputy Director of Systems Rebalancing - Williams Administrator

Laura Godinez, LCSW - Deputy Director of Licensing and Quality Management

Patricia Hudson, LCSW - Interim Deputy Director of Hospital Operations

Yetunde Johnson, MD, MPH - Interim Statewide Medical Director

Valencia King, LCSW - Deputy Director of Systems Rebalancing - Colbert Administrator

Meredith Kiss, MA - Deputy Director of Hospital Operations

Nanette Larson, CRSS, CPRS - Deputy Director of Wellness & Recovery Services

Lee Ann Reinert, LCSW - Deputy Director of Policy, Planning and Innovation

Felix Rodriguez, LCSW, ACSW - Deputy Director of Community Programs