06/10/2016-CCBHC Planning Grant Weekly Report

Action Item Review

List the most important action items per group


  • Completing initial draft of certification checklist and process for review and completion on 6/20/16
  • Conducted EBP webinar for providers on 6/10/16

PPS (Prospective Payment System)

* Send finalized draft of special populations grid and attachments with DASA updates for review, approval and dissemination on 6/9/16

Data and Reporting

  • Continue to review consumer surveys to identify tool to help measure outcomes of CCBHC's
  • Discussing and identifying quality measures focused around integrated health

Services Coordination Group

  • EBP list and structure completed, reviewed and approved
  • Group will now focus on governance requirements and processes, staffing plans and site selection
  • Updated Selection Criteria checklist sent to group with feedback incorporated on 6/8/16 for review and discussion on 6/20/16

Steering Committee

* Will meet on 6/29/16 and begin to work with the Services Coordination Group on governance requirements and processes, staffing plans and site selection

Potential Barriers

List any current risks identified by each group and the potential impact


* Identifying an efficient way to conduct certification checklist


* Providers being able to complete cost report

Data and Reporting

  • Timing of SAMHSA when the comparison groups are chosen
  • Timing when the quality measures definitions are sent out
  • Measures have not been approved by OMB

Training Opportunities Identified Certification

* Provider webinar to review EBP requirements 6-10-16


  • PPS-2
  • Cost Reports

Data and Reporting

  • Use of claims and encounter data
  • Collection of data and quality measures

Other TA/Trainings

* None Identified currently

Needs Assessment

* Review State Needs Assessment (Justin/Danny) / define expectations for local needs assessment- (ongoing)

New Action Items

List all new action items assigned during the meeting. Be sure that all action items are clearly defined, assigned to someone, include due dates.


  • Provide Webinar training 6-10-16
  • Complete Certification Checklist 6-20-16
  • Send out Certification/Selection application by 7-1-16

Services Coordination Group

* Begin discussing and working through the requirements for the governance board, organizational authority and accreditation


* Sending out initial compilation of Special Populations and supporting documents to providers for feedback (anticipated by: 6-20-16)

Data and Reporting

  • Discuss data and reporting needs as it relates to PPS-2 decision
  • Continue to work with SAMHSA on solidifying date we will receive quality measure definitions/justifications
  • Identify any addition quality measures to use for CCBHC to be more Illinois centric